Thursday, March 31, 2005

Congratulations to Patient Investor Number 5

Corning Glass--Ready For Another Run? (click on image to enlarge) Posted by Hello

Congratulations to patient investor number 5. After Corning bottomed in 2002 and then after it made a "higher low" in early 2004, patient investor number 5 purchased shares. Within a few months, this investor had more than a 50% gain when more money was available to invest. It is sometimes hard to do the smart thing but I suggested that he should buy more. As you can see, the stock went all the way from the $4 to $12 range.

For the past year, the stock has been locked in a trading range. During this time, it has become clear that the companies products are being adopted at an ever faster pace. New factories have been built. Economies of scale are being realized. Prices are on the way down. Consumers need the companies product. An explosion in sales is just around the corner.

As a early adopter, I paid over $1,500 for my first pocket calculator and almost $2,000 for my first car phone (I lost the calculator but the phone still works). I wised up. I have not purchased my first LCD TV screen yet (I have purchased a Dell computer with a wonderful UltraSharp screen). I learned a valuable lesson. My family more than doubled our investment in satellite radio before we bought out first satellite radio, we made more than 6 times our money in NXTL before we bought our first NXTL phone and we have made almost 300 percent on our first investment in GLW before buying our first LCD-TV.

GLW is ready to run again. Broadband internet service is ready to take the next leap forward. Companies such as VZ, SBC and others are spending billions installing fibre-optic cable. GLW has a portfolio of patents that make light speed data transmissions possible. Buy GLW with confidence! GLW is one of those companies you will want to say you held for 20 years or more!

I write for education and entertainment purposes. Investing in stocks can result in losses of capital. As an amateur investor for 42 years, I have enjoyed great successes and great failures; my wife and children do not permit me to make investment recommendations (they follow my advice but will not allow me to give it too others).