Thursday, March 31, 2005

CommsDesign - Understanding the Design Challenges of VoWiFi

CommsDesign - Understanding the Design Challenges of VoWiFi

In the first Big Bull of the century, Henry Ford was able to push a car into half the homes through the use of low cost assembly techniques. It took GM to figure out how to sell to the other half the population. The second Boom created by GM was the bigger Boom. The linked article is about the convergence of VoIP and WiFi which will serve to sell the second half of the population on the need for broadband internet service.

The investments and savings will be remarkable. Today, many folks pay $50 per month for home phone service, another $70 per month for cell phone service and another $200 per month for business phone service. A VoWiFi phone would eliminate the need for these services. The one phone would be very feature rich and offer unlimited calling for a low fixed rate.

Entire networks must be redesigned to take advantage of the convergence. The process is well underway; equipment is being installed all across America. Billions are being spent. Equipment company earnings are going to surprise investors. Productivity and wealth will increase at a steady pace as communication capabilities are enhanced.

Many folks simply do not appreciate how much time, energy and money is wasted each year playing games such as phone tag. If you look at a phone display that shows your business associate is on another call, you may want to click a button to tell the phone to ring you both after the first call is completed. You might also chose to send an instant message or an instant voice message. You might even realize that he is currently handling the problem you were about to call about. A truck driver that avoids one unnecessary stop as a result of good communications capabilities might save a whole years worth of communications expense.

It will take major investments to put the new systems into the hands of businesses and consumers. Consumers will be given a compelling reason to purchase broadband internet for their homes. Having a nationwide broadband network will allow many other services to be adopted. The second half of the internet Big Boom Bubble Bust is ahead. Invest now to avoid playing a game of catch-up!