Monday, February 21, 2005


I continue to be impressed with the John Battelle's site. Good looks and great content. The big media companies have seen the hand writing on the wall. Dow Jones outbid NY Times for NYT then paid up to purchase

As a Google share holder and admirer, it was nice to get a better understanding of the power of the adsense program. About was a dying site until it was optimized for the Google program.

Google insiders cashed in a few chips when the lock-up expired and the MSFT search marketing is well under-way. The competition is heating up. One of the most respected old-timers in the investment game stays away from stocks that are locked into head to head competitive battles. I may be a sucker but I still see the adsense program as revolutionary. It is simply amazing even a one man shop can affordably use the program to push advertisements directly to his prime target.

The price paid by NYT and Dow Jones show that I am not alone in seeing the power. Check out the full article.

I'm having trouble getting the link to work. The URL is below, cut and paste to your browser. I'll ask for assistance tomorrow.