Monday, December 13, 2004


Why was the Nextel deal structured such that FON is buying NXTL? Maybe tax reasons, maybe not. It is known that VZ has talked to FON about merging. It is also known that VOD, the very large European cell phone company, would like to own an independent US company. It is also known that T-Mobil is the other bridesmaid in this deal.

Maybe the deal was structured to protect NXTL against a bidding war? Maybe others will try to buy FON. With the deal in place for FON to buy NXTL, the gulp may have been made very big. Who knows the answers? In any event, I am comfortable buying FON. I see solid growth over the next several years as the cell phone becomes all the more indispensable.

The average person does not appreciate that the Mobil phone is going to be the transmission device for TV, data and more.