Saturday, December 11, 2004


The following are some responses to information found in Business Week.

Colgate to dump suds, save $300 million per year and focus on oral care. Buy CL and TWX. CL to increase advertising to do battle with PG.

AT&T and INTC working on new phone computing system. T pays 5% and has the truck lines to carry the new heavy duty video phone traffic. IT spending to be huge as companies gear up to save an average of $300 per telephone line. By Juniper, T, LU, MOT and others.

Pepsi has Coke over a barrel. Coke is a beverage company. Pepsi is 37% beverage, 58% snacks and 5% Quaker Oats. Front cover story calls the bottom for KO. Buy either KO or PEP because either will keep making money even in rising interest rate market.

Health Savings Account limits are $2,650 for a single person or $5,250 per family. The US health problem has been solved. Individuals and companies in America will reap benefits. Buy health care stocks. UNH, PFE, MRK, GSK. Note, MRK has about 18 billion in law suits pending. Company is worth 65 Billion at current prices. Enjoys high earnings and pays high dividend. An excellent holding for the patient risk taker.