Friday, December 17, 2004


This morning before the market opened, Pfizer (PFE) announced that a heavy dose study of Celbrex showed an increase of heart attack risks. A second lower dose study did not show the risk. $5 per share on PFE is bigger in total market value than the drop in MRK and it is very possible that MRK hid study results. PFE announced the results immediate.

PFE may suffer the loss of a sales leader but I don't see the potential for big lawsuits. I bought on the opening and paid $23.52 per share with a $5 total commission. This story will continue for weeks but so far I am up several hundred dollars already.

I hope you are using a discount broker for your trades. I encourage my moderated accounts to use BrownCo. We get trades for a total commission of $5 and it does not matter how many shares we buy or sell. Our margin rates are very low and research is supplied free of charge through JP Morgan.

The blog preceding this one is perhaps the most important I have written. It is complicated and wordy but I feel like I found the last three pieces to a jigsaw puzzle.


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