Thursday, January 13, 2005


The Carolina Tar Heel Basketball Team is playing very well. Last night the Heels tore a very good Georgia Tech Team to pieces. A few days earlier, the Heels made the Maryland Terrapins look weak.

Saturday Carolina will play Wake Forest, one of the top four or five teams in the country. The game will be at Wake and Wake always plays Carolina tough. Last year the teams played a triple over-time game in Chapel Hill.

Like any good stock picker, I do not want my expectations to get ahead of reality. Carolina is good and I want them to win but wishing does not make it so. Carolina is among the top four teams in the country but that does not mean the team will make the final four. It does not mean they will win the ACC tournament and does not even mean they will win the regular season ACC race. Duke, Wake and Georgia Tech all have a good chance.

I see the team as a good stock pick. The team has a lot going for it including top management, a solid core business and plenty of back up plans. Wake and Carolina are two of the rare teams in the country that play 10 good players most games. Winning the ACC regular season will be better than a stock double and the ACC better than a 4 bagger or home run and winning it all will be better than a 10 bagger.

There are no guarantees for investors or for ball teams. Investor should make their picks based on reality and not let emotion take control. The real fun is when the stock or the team out-performs your expectations. I have high expectations for the Heels this year but would not bet they will win the NCAA. You will not find me betting against them either. GO HEELS!


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